Our mission at Mindful Makers is to get kids comfortable using real tools to build up their confidence and hands on skills. Our instructors teach proper tool handling techniques, and safety is always our top priority. In our lessons, we teach how a variety of raw materials can be manipulated to create something new. Engaging in hands-on learning fosters critical thinking, problem solving as well as mindfulness, and patience. We believe that having a creative outlet and the skills for self expression are important for developing a child's self-esteem and happiness. 

Our unique lesson plans bring together art and technology to create a joyful making experience. Inspired by MIT's course, How To Make (Almost) Anything, we will teach daily lessons on a variety of techniques and materials. We focus on the process, and not just the final outcome. Our students are encouraged to spend more time working on those activities they enjoy the most during our "Open Build" period each day.

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