Adult Workshops: Needle Felting Figurines

Learn the art of needle felting, a highly addicting handicraft that will have you happily stabbing the hours away. By using special needles to shape the wool, we transform an animal by-product into something truly unique and quite satisfying to make. Jump right in and find out what endless possibilities await you! In this 3-hour intro course we take a practical approach by teaching how to create 4 basic shapes and then how to combine them to create an adorable woolly figurine of your choosing!

If you are interested in attending a small session workshop at Agnes' home in Kitchener, please fill out the form below to let us know your availability. As soon as we have 3 students interested in the same day and time, you will be contacted to confirm a specific calendar date to attend the workshop. Once the dates are confirmed, we will give instructions to complete payment for the class fee (which can be done in person or through the website).


If you are interested in having Agnes come to your house (anywhere in Waterloo Region) to run the workshop for a private party with a group of your friends, a minimum of 4 students is required. Please get in touch to book a date!


103 Bridge St. East, Kitchener N2K 1K1

Workshop fee: 

$50 plus HST (all materials included)

Materials kit includes:

3 felting needles, foam block, 25 grams of white core wool, wooden skewer & pipe cleaner

Current dates for 2019 are available on our Doodle Poll!

Please visit this link and mark down the dates & times you are available.

Please select ALL the options you are available to attend, THEN please e-mail Agnes using the form below so she can match your name to an e-mail.

Seats will be assigned based on first-come first-serve sign up with 3 spots per class. Agnes will e-mail to confirm your date and time. Once you have been scheduled in for a workshop, you will be removed from the Doodle poll to make space for new students.

If none of the available dates match up for you, please fill out the form below to be added to our Needle Felting Mailing List to be notified of future workshop dates!

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